Friday, April 3, 2009

Do Brunettes Have More Fun?

Before I tell you about my current hair situation I think I should explain the history of my hair. Well, maybe not the total history of my hair, Blake probably won't be asleep long enough for that. I have had my hair a lot of different colors and have worn it at various lengths. My hair was indeed blond when I was younger and would turn very blond in the summer time. This, of course led to an unfortunate dark roots situation in the winter and to me getting highlights in junior high. Oh my, if only I had know what a viscous cycle that is!

My hair has been everything to very blond to medium brown and even red once, but that was an accident. Most of my adult life I have been a blond and that's what most people are used to seeing on my head. During this whole bed rest/maternity leave/laid off period I have had much more visible roots than I can usually stand. I guess I just figured that when you're living in your pajamas and hanging out with the dogs (and Blake now too of course) all day nobody expects your hair to be perfect, right? This time my roots were very visible and I realized just how dark my natural hair color has become.

I went to the salon and paid to have it done, which I hadn't done in about 10 months. I was sadly disappointed. I am not someone who goes back and insists that the salon fix my hair when I don't like it. Maybe I'm too nice or perhaps just too chicken, but I just don't do that. After a week or so of hating my hair I decided to bite the bullet and color it myself, which I've done dozens of times before. I stared really hard at the box of light/med brown like I always do, but I came home with a Dark Ash Blond as usual.

Long story short - my hair is brown. Don't know what I did, but I think I like it even though it doesn't match the box. I think it is pretty close to the color my hair should be, minus the grey I found lately, and it's going to be easier to maintain. I don't know how long this new brunette me will last, but for now I'm good with it. I must say though - now Blake really looks nothing like me. Oh well.


  1. I love your hair dark. I think it looks beautiful

  2. You sound like me about your I am the same way and now I'm like platinum with my I change it a lot tho.. but I think it looks great!! Its a very pretty color, looks awesome~!