Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chuckles and a Little Bit of OCD


I can't tell you how excited I was when I managed to get the first real laugh out of my little man. Okay, so the first one was an accident, but it really does warm the heart to hear a baby chuckle even if the baby isn't your own. I decided later to try to pull out the camera and capture some chuckles (please ignore the fact that I sound like a moron). Apparently Blake is getting to be a wee bit ticklish.

Oh, and as for my hoping that I wouldn't feel the need to do and redo every page of Blake's scrapbook - I already failed. I have now redone every page I had already completed and am much more pleased with the product, though it's not nearly finished. Yesterday after looking at the pages I had finished I didn't like that I had just made cute pages at random and there was no method to the madness. I knew it would happen - if I don't hurry and get it finished and printed OCD will get the best of me again I'm afraid.

I also have to say the Jillian Micheals kicked my butt today. I had been really lazy this week and was dreading that first workout back at it. Thirty Day Shred is no joke - just pray I can pick up a 14lb baby when morning comes! The first time I did the DVD I wasn't sure I was going to make it out of the bed the next day (and I might have taken a few unauthorized water breaks that time).

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