Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daddy Armstrong

Joe finished his 157 mile bike ride this weekend! Blake and I are so proud!
Saturday morning Blake and I went to a cheering station in Shelbyville to wave at Daddy as he rode by and to give him some water. Below you can see Blake holding Daddy's water looking down the road for Joe.
He finally came along. He had called us from the last watering station to let us know he was close and we only live a mile away - so we kind of cheated.
Blake wanted Dad to stay!

Joe finished in good time. We picked him up in Lexington around 3:00 in the afternoon. Who wants to stay in a tent when you can sleep in your own bed?

Daddy finished strong again on Sunday at 3:00!
Blake, Joe's parents, and I were there to greet him at the finish line.

It is an awesome thing you did today Joe!
Thank you, everyone, for your donations and your support!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 Months!

He got his first Build-a-Bear - a monkey. I had to take it's shoes off because he likes the shoe laces too much.

8 months has gone by so fast! I didn't think Blake was ever going to show interest in toys and other kids. All of a sudden he is interested in everything and everyone. He loved watching Jackson play this weekend!

Anything that rolls or flashes is amazing.

He tackles this fish like he's wrestling an alligator.

Ah....the car. I thought he was still too little. Not so. He loves taking walks around the nieghborhood riding in his car. Thank you Ryan & Jamie! He likes biting the steering wheel. I think the vibrations feel good on his gums.