Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blake is 4 Months Today!

Blake is 4 months old today. We are both amazed every day by how much he has grown and how he continues to change and learn. He "talks" all the time - non-stop. His favorite "exercise" is to pull him knees to his chest and slam his feet on the floor. He does this a lot when he's trying to fight off sleep. He's no dummy!

He has learned that if he looks at me with a pouty face he'll get attention and then he laughs- he already has me trained!

This week he also showed some interest in some Playhouse Disney cartoons. Mickey Mouse, which to my surprise looks nothing like he used to, and Little Einsteins are his favorites. Just let me say that this is while I'm in the shower and getting ready - I don't park him in front of the TV all day.

Everything is funny to Blake right now - he's always smiling or giggling.

He continues to think I am crazy with my camera and tends to freeze in front of it now.

He really likes to sit up - though he can't do it alone just yet. And he always has his link rings in his hand.

He still isn't a big fan of tummy time, but he cooperates sometimes just to make Mommy feel better- he'll let you know when he's had enough!

He has figured out how to maneuver around his crib - this is usually how I find him in the morning.

Tomorrow is his doctor's appointment - we'll find out how much our big guy has grown and make him mad with a few shots too!

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