Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crib Notes

After learning yesterday that Blake's crib was not recalled I didn't have an excuse anymore not to give the crib a try. While I don't intentionally wake Joe up at night when Blake cries, it is inevitable when he's in our room in the bassinet. After working 12 hours a day I guess the guy deserves some decent sleep on occasion. I was also getting a little concerned with how much Blake ended up just sleeping in our bed at night. Yes, I know, don't judge! It's much easier than getting wildly frustrated when he is sound asleep and immediately wakes up when put back in the bassinet. Honestly, I also didn't have much confidence in my will power not to run back and forth to the nursery every time he made a sound.
Last night I got Blake's crib all ready with the sleep positioner and sheet protector (our boy is a spit up machine) and tried to get his belly full. Please note his last nap of the day was 4.5 hours, a record for us. Long nap aside, last night still went pretty well. Just like when I put him in the bassinet, he woke up every time like it was a tub of ice water. I quickly learned that I do not have to be staring at him when he falls asleep. Yes, I walked away (monitor in hand) and let him go to sleep on his own. Between feedings I heard him stretching and do other things that babies do loudly, like fill his diaper, but restrained myself. When I heard his, "I'm hungry" cry I went and got him up. Unfortunately the first time around that was only 1.5 hours after I had put him down, but that got better. The second time we went 3 hours!
I am very proud of my little boy and a little proud of myself too.

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