Monday, February 9, 2009

No Recall

I had been all worked up thinking Blake's crib had been recalled. I'm sure most ofyou heard of the expanded crib recalls. For those of you with little ones: I knew the model number matched but hadn't filed for the recall yet. I guess I was pretending I was busy, yeah, right. Blake hasn't slept in his crib yet, so I guess I wasn't in a hurry. Last night I spoke with my friend Kristen and her son's crib was recalled (now that he's grown out of it). With this reminder I got online today to fill out the form for a replacement voucher. SUPRISE! The form asked me when the crib was produced. I hadn't paid attention to that. I crawled under the crib again to check - NOT RECALLED! What a relief. Not that I was opposed to getting a free crib, but I really didn't want to have to tell Joe he had to take it apart.
That's the good news for today. Check out the press release if you think you might be affected!

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