Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New News, New Tricks

We got calls from two couples very close to us with the good news that babies are coming in October! (names withheld...just in case) It will be wonderful having the kids so close in age - maybe this means I won't have to have another one :) Blake is going to have plenty of playmates. In the last couple of years all of our friends who have had babies have had boys. We almost have a complete team at this point!

Also new this week - Blake's tongue! Our baby boy is totally amused by the fact that he has something in his mouth that he can move, roll, stick out, etc. If he is awake he is figuring out all of the things he can do with his tongue. He licks his headrest on his swing, licks his hand, licks anything that gets close enough. I guess I should keep the dogs away until he gets over the licking thing.
Also, he is making so many new noises. "Hooo!" is his favorite, but he is talking to his birds on his swing and has just been so much more vocal this week. It seems impossible that it is going to be several months before any of those noises sound like real words.

Blake has slept in his crib now for one full week. He is doing really well. I think he has figured out the difference between day and night. Usually he will sleep for 4-5 hours the first time I put him down and then 3 after that. I am not complaining at all. Four hours of sleep feels like a lot right now. I say that he can tell day from night because he still wants to eat every 2-3 hours during the day. Hopefully that gets better soon. We really do have a wonderful baby though. He is so well tempered and happy. We are blessed!

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