Monday, March 2, 2009

Small Scale Success

So the hubby and I started a little weight loss challenge just between the two of us last week. We have both gained in excess of 50lbs since we met for various reasons. I'm not going to lie, we single handedly kept Dairy Queen busy making Blizzards at one point...but that's not the point. I suppose other than the Mexican food Monday and the Pizza Hut yesterday I behaved myself this week. My total exercise was a walk with Blake and some serious laundry folding. I was convinced that I had gained weight this week and went to weigh myself this morning thinking I would start better this week....isn't that how diets always go? I stepped on the scale not wanting to look down, but there was no point in just standing there. HA! I lost 3lbs! Of course you are only hearing about this friendly little challenge because I wanted to brag. You'll know how it went if you don't hear anything of it next week. Don't tell Joe that breastfeeding burns ~500 cal a day, ok?

I am off to search for a new workout DVD - Joe's is boring!

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