Monday, March 23, 2009

Mom is Getting Lazy

We had a great weekend in Northern Kentucky visiting family and friends. Blake met a lot of new people! This was the first time we had ventured up there since Blake arrived. I realized last night that I had taken my camera on our little trip and didn't use it once...Mom is getting lazy I'm afraid. Before I was snapping pictures of every little thing Blake did - lately I completely forget.
Even though I failed to document it with any pictures, Blake did have an eventful weekend. Our little guy met great aunts and uncles for the first time and a few second cousins too. He also got to see some of our friend's kids that he'll be playing with soon! He met (mostly slept through meeting) Jackson who is 19 months, Preston and Dylan who are almost 3, Olivia who is 4, Max is 4 months. He even got to meet another little boy named Blake who is almost 2. All of this and he was only there for one day! Blake also got to spend his Grandma's birthday with her - entertaining her with lots of smiles and baby babble. See...another picture I didn't take :(

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