Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 12 Weeks!

I don't know why 12 weeks seems like such a milestone, but it does. Blake is 12 weeks today. I think maybe it seems so special because people tend to count in months after 12 weeks. I now will say he is 3 months. Wow!

We went to the doctor at 1 week, 4 weeks and 8 weeks. This was supposed to be a month we could skip, but we just couldn't stay away. Blake was having some continuing reflux issues (hello Zantac) and I wanted Dr. White to take another look at his torticollis (she is much less concerned than I am), so we went today. My little man was 14lbs with his clothes and a wet diaper on - we'll call it 13lbs 8oz. That diaper made quite a thud when it hit the bottom of that garbage can! Blake is officially twice as heavy as when he was born - isn't that amazing? Oh, and he slept 7.5 hours last night, also amazing!

Mom (that's me) got some good news unrelated to baby today. I heard back from one of my interviews that I am moving on in the hiring process. They called and said they wanted me to fill out some papers and they also wanted to check my references. As excited as I am to get back to paying off those student loans, I get sad when I think about leaving Blake. I just can't help but think about what I will miss. I keep reminding myself that I have gotten to be home with him longer than I ever imagined I would and I have been here to see him do so much. Pray that I can remember this and not freak out when it comes time for me to go to work!

Oh, and I finally met some neighbors yesterday. Yes, we have almost lived here for one year now. While walking Blake I came upon two ladies outside in a driveway with a whole mess of kids (yep, I said "mess"). I could see one of them was TINY. Turns out he was 10 days old - a little boy named Jackson - Blake's future playmate. My neighbors were very nice, a nurse practitioner and a stay at home nurse. One of them even invited me to the Mom's group at her church once a month. The church just so happens to be the one that I've been trying to talk Joe into going to. Now if he is ever off of work on a Sunday morning we are bound for Shelby Christian Church. Anyway, I was very excited to meet some neighborhood Moms! All I had to tell them was that I was the house on the right with the obnoxious dogs and they knew right where I lived - how embarassing! Lilly's bark collar shipped today ;)


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