Friday, March 27, 2009

Dinner, Flowers & Silk...Not What You Think

So I hear it spring...I don't feel it, but being only a few days shy of April I know it's technically here. The last few days (and apparently the next several as well) have been so wet and dreary here I feel like we'll never get that 70 degree sunny weather. The hubby planted some trees in the yard and we have our first bloom! Pay no attention to the dying sod in the background - this bloom is on a pear tree he planted. This is the only sign of spring I see around here.

The other night I threw together a dinner concoction that was very colorful and I thought I would tell you about it because it was really yummy. Joe was a big fan - taking it to work the next day for lunch. It's kind of hard to get that one to eat left overs.

I had some shrimp in the freezer and some squash and zucchini in the fridge, so I sauteed those up in some light butter (whatever that is). I also seasoned it with some garlic powder, paprika and salt. Truth be told, this combination can make anything taste better and I use it A LOT. I boiled some thin spaghetti and tossed all of it together. I'm not gonna lie - I was really proud of myself.

Blake has discovered that he likes to cuddle with a little silkie. Anytime I leave his burp cloth in his lap he seems to grasp it tightly and hold it to his face.
I thought maybe he'd like to cuddle with something that didn't smell like spoiled milk, so I offered the Winnie the Pooh silkie (thanks Jess). It was certainly a winner!

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  1. Your baby boy is a MUNCHKIN! and that spaghetti looks waaaay good :)

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