Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time for an update!

I don't know how it happened, but Blake has changed so much since he turned 5 months old last week. blows my mind. He is still rolling all over the house, as you will see in the pictures. He will eat anything you try to feed him without protest. He is using both hands together to pick up toys or hold onto things you give him. He is just so much more deliberate about what he grabs now. Before he would accidentally grab stuff or hold on to what you gave him. Now he intentionally grabs your nose or the toy he wants. Such a change!

I love watching him study things - especially his hands like they've just turned orange or something. I can't imagine what he thinks when he does that. Sitting in his Bumbo seat the other night he dropped his plastic keys (John Deere, of course) and reached down to pick them back up. In baby development that is a big deal!

When he rolls on to his belly now he swims on the carpet. The little guy wants to crawl so bad. He paws at the carpet and pushes with his feet. Then he just gets mad and rubs his face on the carpet - so don't judge me if you see my kid with carpet burn on his face! Oh, and when you pick him up he straightens out his legs and wants to stand up - which he showed no interest in before. He can do a pretty good job standing for 30 sec or so before buckling.
He's going to help us plant flowers today. We'll see how that goes. Too much too fast ya think?

I know people told me a hundred times how fast they grow, but I never could have imagined!

...and he still has the prettiest blue eyes God ever made.

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