Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prep for Boys Week and a Photo Shoot

I might be slightly prejudice, but isn't he the cutest thing? Really, he's baby model material. I guess every parent thinks that though.

I learned yesterday that trying to take pictures of a baby who likes to roll around is not exactly easy. If I rolled him on to his belly to take some pictures he threw that big head of his back and rolled over. If I put him somewhere specific on his back he decided to move my rolling on to his belly and "swimming" on the carpet. We got some good ones eventually. There are more and they'll be in the 5mo-1wk album when it posts on here.

In other news - well it qualifies as news in our house - Blake is eating solids twice a day and drinking from a sippy cup once a day in preparation for having a week sans mama. His first try with Peaches with Cereal didn't go so well yesterday but the kid loves his carrots. He did better than ever with a sippy cup - he held it but so did dad. Maybe it was because the milk was fresh or maybe he just wanted to amuse us, but we were pleased with his 1.5 oz accomplishment. Either way I think we're going to give up on trying to get him to use a bottle and stick with sippies.

Enjoy the pictures of our baby model!

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