Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jolly Green Giant

At Blake's six month check up this morning I learned I actually gave birth to the Jolly Green Giant. I knew Blake was pretty big, but this little guy is off the growth chart! Joe's Mom said he was the same way so maybe he'll slow down. He is already bigger than I was at a year old!

Height - 29in - above 97th percentile
Weight - 19.25lbs - 80th percentile
Head Circ - off chart

Daddy and I are going to remeasure him tonight, but I watched her do it and it had to be close. Joe is convinced it's impossible!

Developmentally he is doing great. He is rolling all over and trying his best to crawl. I love watching him try to get to a toy (or dog) he sees nearby and using both hands to hold things. When we read books he has to hold them and usually turns the page before we're finished. He loves to stand and it holding his own weight longer and longer.

This guy is an eater. He loves veggies. So far he has done well with Carrots, Squash, Green Beans and Bananas. He's not a fan of tangy fruits like Peaches and Apples. This weekend I was able to get him sucking on a bottle (for the first time) that had Half Water/Half Apple Juice. Hopefully we can sneak some milk in there and he'll do okay.

I keep thinking about how fast these last 6 months have gone by - I know it will be his first Birthday before we know it!

I'm going to go research car seats now...2.5 more lbs and we have to retire the one he is in now. Crazy.

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