Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

I've been trying to get Blake ready for summer. I am determined to make him a lil' fish like his Mom. Joe is not a big fan of water unless it's coming out of the shower head.

We have stocked up on summer gear. Blake has Little Swimmers, swim trunks, a baby pool, SpongeBob sunglasses, some SPF 50, and hats to protect his little head.

Thursday afternoon we tried out the pool for the first time, which resulted in the purchase of the sunglasses on Thursday night.

Blake's SpongeBob Sunglasses...he likes them!

Look at my greased (SPF 50 baby) little pig napping before pool time.

By the time I got everything ready he wanted to sleep - go figure!

He liked the water. It was the direct sunlight that he hated.

We had success with the hat. The linky rings make everything fun.

I think he was afraid Sam was going to try to join him.

Next time I'll make sure to let him finish his nap first!

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