Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh my dog!

Everyone wants to think that they are animal people. Who doesn't love cute little puppies with that infamous puppy breath? Nobody is going to admit that they don't just love little baby animals. They DO NOT stay little, people. Sure, they learn to pee outside and sleep through the night, but they get bigger, smellier, and dirtier. I have realized though that perhaps not everyone is made to co-habitate with animals. The problem here is I fear that I may be one of those people and my husband is NOT. Joe will tell you that he can not live without dogs.

I like dogs, don't get me wrong, but not in my house. I complained about the nasty Labrador hair tumbleweeds on the hardwood before, but now that Blake is here it is really getting to me. Our dogs stink (yes, I do have a superhuman nose). You know how when you go into someone else's house it has a unique smell? We all know that you can't tell what your own house smells like because you are there all the time. I am super paranoid that our house might smell like DOG to other people. That drives me insane. Then there's the dog hair, muddy dog paw prints that are always on the carpet, scratches on my leather furniture, pairs of shoes with teeth marks...oh it goes on. I just know that when Blake is mobile, scooting around on the floor, I am going to lose it. The kid will constantly have dog hair in his mouth - guaranteed.

In the neighborhood we live in we can't really have outside dogs (not that I am crazy about that idea anyway). We have only been here for a year we aren't going to move for the sake of the dogs. We have an invisible fence system for them right now and Lilly drives the neighborhood crazy barking at everything. She has a bark collar now...I swear the neighbors must hate us.

Friday I found out I got a new job (so excited!) that doesn't start until July. This means I will be home with Blake until he is 6 months old (so blessed!) Anyway, my new employer sent me a package of paper work on Monday via FedEx, while I was out of town with Blake. Apparently the FedEx guy left the package on the front stoop. Joe came into the house through the garage and did not see the FedEx package. He let the dogs outside when he came in and they found it immediately. Joe came outside to find my new hire paper work blown all over the yard...nicely shredded.

Point cute as they are, I could live without them.

Oh, and I put Blake in the Exersaucer yesterday because he is doing so well holding his head up now. The kid hates tummy time, but he has a really strong neck. His feet just barely touch the bottom of the Exersaucer and the seat is way too roomy, but I put a folded blanket against his back. I only put him in for a few minutes, but he was thoroughly amused. It won't be long before he spends a lot of time in there I'm sure. By the way, I need to knock a layer of dog hair off of the thing before Blake uses it again.

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