Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Before Elmo Was Cool

Before Elmo was cool....there was Burt & Ernie. Apparently I was a big fan of the duo and they were the theme for my first birthday. That was 25 years ago today. Yep, I'm 26! That sounds a lot younger than it used to.

Are Burt & Ernie even still on Sesame Street? I guess I'll find out in time when Blake starts watching. If so, I feel sorry for these guys. Elmo completely stole the show.

Back to the birthday...Joe & I are going to go to dinner and leave Blake with our friends for a few hours. I am super nervous, but I know he'll be fine. I am not sure where I am going to have Joe take me just yet. I kind of want to go somewhere that I wouldn't go if we had to take Blake. There is a little restaurant around here that is supposed to be good that we haven't been to yet. Or...we could go to Louisville. Cheesecake factory maybe? If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them out there.

Oh, and wish me luck at my interview tomorrow!

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