Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just Like His Daddy

The last few days have been a blur, a lot of firsts for us as a family. Blake has had his first bath, first doctors appointment, first lick in the face from Lil'. Joe has even changed his first poopy diaper. Blake is a good sleeper, though that is relative. He wakes every 2-3 hours at night for a clean diaper and a feeding. That is generally his schedule all day long. I have learned that we have to put him down sometimes when he sleeps or we will regret it. I am not worried about spoiling him, but rather realizing at 3:00pm that I haven't eaten or gone to the bathroom all day! Other than his frequent bouts of the hiccups Blake is a happy, healthy baby. Oh, by the way, Gripe Water is wonderful! A few drops and Blake's hiccups are gone.
Our first appointment at the pediatrician went really well. Blake has gained 4 oz. since we left the hospital, he is a whopping 6lbs 11oz. That means he is getting plenty of milk. He is still a little bit orange. I kept saying he looked like he had jaundice and the nurses in the hospital said he was fine. Come to find out, he does have a little jaundice, but not enough to worry about and he is getting better pretty fast. The doctor said he is perfect and we go back Friday to make sure he is still gaining weight and getting his normal color back. What a blessing - he is 100% healthy!
There is no denying that Blake looks like his Daddy, but his eyes are already turning dark like Mom. Hopefully he got the best parts of both of us!

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