Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Good Check-up

Blake went for his one month check up today. I must say, I love his pediatrician. While she practiced in Louisville for 12 years, Dr. White just moved her practice to Shelbyville in April. Because the practice is so new it is super easy to get an appointment and she answers the phone half of the time when I call. It is great to be a first time mom in a practice like that.

They checked all of his measurements again today. He was 9lb 2.5oz and 21.5 in! His head circumference has gone from 36cm to 39.5cm. His head puts him around the 80th percentile! However, his length is a little above the 50th percentile and his weight is a little below. He is pretty much perfect, except he has a big head like his daddy.

The doctor still hasn't gotten his repeated newborn screening results. She seems to think from our visit that he is a very healthy little boy.
For all of those that hated me for bragging about what a great sleeper Blake was the first couple of weeks -- things have certainly changed. Blake is a great sleeper during the day and a really entertaining little booger after 10:00pm. Oh, and any advice on this matter is much appreciated.

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