Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh So Close...

We went to the doctor today and they got us all nervous and excited for nothing. At my last visit my blood pressure had been elevated and they started to worry about preeclampsia. Today we were supposed to find out some test results that would tell us for sure. It turned out that the lab had run the wrong test - go figure. They decided to let us go home and call us when they got the results, letting us know that if the test came back positive they would want me to come back and be induced. Induced! I think both of our eyes lit up when they said that. I know that sounds awful, but it wouldn't be so bad to have a Christmas Eve baby. We were told someone would call us in about an hour - of course they finally called about 4 hours later! I was losing my mind by that time. The number that would have made my test positive was 300 - mine came back at 267. So close! I was relieved to know that things were okay, but had gotten really excited that we might get to meet Blake so soon. Maybe next week...but for now it looks like he's staying put.

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