Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hurry Up and Wait

Yes, I am THAT big!
After weeks of worry, bed rest and medicines Blake has made it to 36 weeks (as of 12/12) and can come whenever he pleases. The doctor has told me that I can start to go off of my medicine and return to work Monday...if I am still pregnant on Monday! If born right now they would expect him (on average) to be 21 inches and 6 pounds...big enough to come home with Mom & Dad. His lungs should be developed enough to not need help breathing, especially since he did receive a steroid shot to mature his lungs at 30 weeks just in case he decided to show up really early.

Being off of the medicine I was taking to control contractions should move little Blake right along. He has dropped really low at this point and seem really anxious to meet everyone...or maybe he thinks I like having to pee every 15 minutes. I have heard people say that when they were taken off of this medicine they only lasted another few days and some people go to 40 weeks. Odds are Blake will be with us for Christmas.

No matter when our little addition arrives I will keep everyone updated on here, and by phone, of course. I promise to leave out the graphic details about dilation, effacement and all of those other things that make Joe cringe. It seems that it should be smooth sailing for the pregnancy from here, but thoughts and prayers are certainly always welcome!

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